Baking Soda For Curing Bacterial Vaginosis – Simple Yet Effective

Baking Soda For Curing Bacterial Vaginosis – Simple Yet Effective

A great natural remedy for vaginal odor is baking soda. By putting some apple cider vinegar into your vagina and dosing it with some baking soda, you will work to get rid of that infection quickly. Apple cider vinegar is better to use since it is gentler on your skin and it won’t make your infection worse.

Baking Soda is not only effective it is also very easy to use. A mixture of a half a teaspoon of baking soda and water may help ease some of the symptoms of BV.

As you might already know, Bacterial Vaginosis occurs when the pH in you vagina goes out of balance and the bad bacteria get’s overgrown. Baking soda may have the ability to bring that pH back into balance.

In conjunction with the use of Baking Soda, maintaining a well-balanced diet is very important. This can be done by eating the right food groups. This is great for immune boosting as well as maintaining the vaginal bacteria balance.

You do not have to be self conscious of your vaginal odor anymore. You can treat it. If it’s interfering in your life and making it difficult for you to feel comfortable in intimate situations, there is help for this, and with the use of Baking Soda.

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