How Long Can It Take For Clotrimazole To Treat Yeast Infection?

My daughter is 6 months old. On Friday she went to the Doctor due to a rash that wouldn’t go away and kept getting worse. He said she had a yeast infection. So he prescribed clotrimazole for it. I was just wondering if anyone knows How Long It Take For Clotrimazole to Treat Yeast Infection.

This a question that you will find many people asks on the internet just how quick can Clotrimazole treat this infection. I will give and answer to it here: If it is actually a yeast infection, then it should be noticeably better within 48 hours and completely gone in about a week unless it is severe. Many yeast infections clear in 48 hours though.

If it isn’t at all better a given time, then you should change treatments, most treatments are available OTC including clotrimazole. I would just pick up an OTC with a different active ingredient (ask the pharmacist)

So the best bet should be 3 or 4 days. The yeast infection should be 70% better in 24 hours. My son has one all over his face and I just assumed it was fungal and put clotrimazole on it and it got MUCH better in three hours, and almost gone 24 hours later.

For my sister’s son it was a little less than a week- they prescribed me steroid free nystatin so she could use it at every diaper change on her butt, About 5 days. But keep her clean and dry. If you give her a bath at least every other night it will really help keep it from coming back too.

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