Vagina Odor – How To Get Rid Of The Fishy Bacterial Vaginosis Vagina Odor

You might be wondering why it is difficult to eliminate Vagina Odor. You may have tried different fragrant washes but the situation only worsens — or at best, the solution is only temporary. This situation is common among women who are not aware of some of the home treatments available to them. If you have stumbled upon this article then you in for a wealth of information about getting rid of that fishy Vaginal Odor that has plagued you for a very long time.

Vagina Odor results from the improper balance within the vaginal flora. This happens when a dominant bacteria arises from the normal composition of bacteria in the vagina. This condition is known as bacterial vaginosis and one of the symptoms of this is Vaginal Odor. Women do not have to suffer for long anymore. We have the perfect solutions for this and they are as follows:

1. Apple cider vinegar soak – Yes you read it right, apple cider vinegar is good for eliminating Vaginal Odor. Just pour a few drops in your bathtub and soak it in for a good twenty minutes. Do this all the time and you will see how effective it is in discharging odors.

2. Tea tree oil rub – tea tree oil has been used for a very long time for a variety of ailments and fishy odors is just one of the things it can handle well. With a few drops, rub it around the vaginal area to kill the bacteria, which is responsible for the odors.

3. Change your diet. A diet high in sugars is prone to Vagina Odors. In different studies it has been shown that reducing your sugar intake does wonders in eliminating vaginosis.

Use these methods freely and try a combination of them. The good thing about these is that they are all-natural and would not be a cause of worry for some side effects that may only complicate matters. Be free from Vaginal Odor now.

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