Vaginal Odour – How To Stop That Fishy BV Vaginal Odour

Vaginal Odour – How To Stop That Fishy BV Vaginal Odour

It is embarrassing to live under the stress of having vaginal odour. Women undergo several body changes that are not present in men. This makes it difficult for them to understand how debilitating it is for a woman to suffer from vaginal odor that resembles fish odor. You can stop this from happening by doing several things.

1. If you are a smoker and loves to consume alcohol, now is the perfect time to ditch that habit if you want to get rid of vaginal odor. The substances found in these items are responsible for aggravating your vaginosis, which is the main cause of vaginal odour.

2. Review your diet. Food that is rich in sugar attracts bacteria that is makes your vagina smell bad. Cut back on your consumption of sweets and see how a world of difference it makes.

3. Supplement your diet with tracheal and goldenseal. These are natural herbal remedies that may be bought in capsule or tablet form. It helps ease your trouble with vaginosis and the fishy odour.

4. Always use a pantyliner. This simple tip will help create a barrier between your vagina and your underwear. Normally, when there is vaginal discharge, it comes into contact with your panties. When this happens, it can result to foul odors. The pantyliners will act as an absorbent and will keep you stay fresh all day long. A non-scented variety of pantyliners is best.

5. Use only cotton panties. Unlike synthetic materials, cotton allows your skin to breathe and lets circulation take place around the vaginal area.

Use these five tips to cure vaginal odour. Practice them and make them a daily part of your life. Sometimes, all it takes is tweaking your hygiene practices and it will help ease your burden.

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